Item in sero accipiat dyaciminum cum [ra] succo apii uel cum siropod de calamento uel nepita penegra 100 mg otc man health pill buy usa,e uel cum succo ius- quiami uel succof nepite buy 50mg penegra amex prostate oncology williston. Book on the Conditions of Women  so that from the same cause it is barely perceptible. Sometimes the woman is contracted so that the head is joined to the knees, and she lacks vision, and she looses the function of the voice, the nose is distorted, the lips are contracted and she grits her teeth, and the chest is elevated upward beyond what is normal. But Galen put some well- carded wool to her nose and mouth, and by its motion he knew that she was still alive. This [disease] happens to women because corrupt semen abounds in them excessively, and it is converted into a poisonous nature. It regularly comes upon virgins, too, when they reach the age of marriage and are not able to use men and when the semen abounds in them a lot, which Nature wishes to draw out by means of the male. From this superabundant and corrupt semen, a certain cold fumosity is released and it ascends to the organs which are called by the common people the ‘‘collaterals,’’ because they are near to the heart and lungs and the rest of the principal instruments of the voice. This kind of illness is accustomed to originate principally from a defect of the menses. And if both the menses are lacking and the semen is superabundant, the illness will be so much the more menacing and wide-ranging, especially when it seizes the higher organs. On the other hand, their vaginas ought to be anointed with those oils and hot ointments which have a sweet odor, such as iris oil, chamomile oil, musk oil, and nard oil. The women ought also to be anointed inside and out with oils and ointments of good smell. Likewise, in the evening let her take diaciminum21 with the juice of wild celery or with a syrup of calamint or cat- mint, or with juice of henbane or juice of catmint. Or take one dram each of castoreum, white pepper, costmary, mint, and wild celery, let them be ground, and let them be mixed with white or sweet wine. Precepit etiam priapum uulpisa uel capreolib accipi et fieri inde puluerem et per pessarium inici. Refert etiam quod multum ualet ad idemb radix leuistici cocta et trita cum anxungia et ligata super umbilicum. Huiusmodi autem remollicio et infrigidatio contingit ex frigido aere per ori- ficia matricis subintrante, et quandoque si detectac directe se opposueritd aeri frigido, uel supere lapidem frigidum sederit, et quandoquef ex balneo aque fri- gide, quia per hoc debilitaturet exit de loco suo, et quandoque conatu pariendi. Inferiusa fumige- tur rebus fetentibus, utb est pannus lineus combustus, et similia. Postea accipe rutam, castoreum, arthimesiam ana, et in uino decoquanturd usque ad consumptionem duarum parcium, deinde da in potu. Book on the Conditions of Women  prescribed that the penis of a fox or roebuck be taken and made into a powder and inserted by means of a pessary. He also says that what works very well for the same [condition] is root of lovage cooked and ground with animal grease and tied upon the navel. On Descent of the Womb [] If it happens that after birth the womb descends too far down from its place, let oats, having first been moistened and put into a sack, be heated and applied. And this happens on account of a weakening of the ligaments and an abundance of cold humors inside. A weakening and chilling of this kind happens from cold air entering in from below through the orifices22 of the womb, and sometimes if uncovered she has exposed herself directly to cold air, or sat upon a cold stone. And sometimes [this happens] from a bath of cold water, for by this [the womb] is weakened and goes out from its place, and sometimes [it happens] from the effort of giving birth. If it descends and does not come all the way out, aromatic substances ought to be applied to the nose, such as balsam, musk, ambergris, spikenard, storax, and similar things. Let her be fumigated from below with fetid substances, such as burnt linen cloth, and similar things. Then take rue, castoreum, and mugwort, and let them be cooked in wine until two parts have been consumed, then give it in a potion. Afterward, let the woman enter water in which there have been cooked pomegranate, roses, rind of pomegranate, oak apples, sumac, myrtleberries, the fruit and leaves and bark of oak, and juniper nuts, and lentils. For Dioscorides prescribes that there be made for them a steambath of box-  Liber de Sinthomatibus Mulierum cepit eis stupham facereb de buxoc posito in olla super carbones uiuos, et mu- lier sedeat desuper cooperta et fumum recipiatd interius. De fructibus comedata coctana, mespila, sorba, citonia,b malac acria,28 et si- milia. Cuius sig- num estb quod mulier sentit dolorem in sinistro latere, menstruorum retentio- nem, distorsionemc [vb] membrorum, difficultatem mingendi, torsiones et rugitus uentris. Accipe agaricum tritum, semen plantaginis, semen satureie,a et pulueriza et da in potu cum uino uel cum melle cocto. Deinde accipe fenugrecum, semen lini, et decoque in aqua ad lentum ignem cum predictis usque ad plenam decoctionem, et inicia- tur per pessarium. Book on the Conditions of Women  wood placed in a pot upon live coals, and let the woman, covered on top, sit on it, and let her receive the smoke inside [her vagina]. For fruit, let her eat quinces, medlars, service-berries, quinces,23 bitter apples, and similar things. On Movement of the Womb from Its Place [] Sometimes the womb is moved from its place, but it is not lifted upward toward the organs of respiration, nor does it extrude outside through the ori- fice [of the vagina], nor does it descend. The sign of this is that the woman experiences pain in the left side, retention of the menses, contortion of the limbs, difficulty of urinating, [and] twisting and rumbling of the belly. Take wild celery and fenugreek, and having ground them with wine, give them to drink. Then take fenugreek and linseed, and cook them in water on a slow fire with the above-mentioned substances until they are fully cooked. On Excessive Heat of the Womb [] It happens sometimes that the womb is distempered in hotness, so that great burning and heat is felt there. Take one scruple of juice of opium poppy, one scruple of goose fat, four scruples each of wax and honey, one ounce of oil, the whites of two eggs, and the milk of a woman. Aliquando nascuntur ibi apostemata ex uentositate uel ictu uel aliis lesionibus, uel ex eo quod numquam menstrua deficiunt. Si apostema fuerit interius in orificio matricis, dolor sen- titur circa umbilicum et renes. Si in parte posteriori, dolor sentitur in dorso sub costis, et uenter constipatur. Si de sanguine uel colerak rubea sit natum apostema, adest febris continua uel acuta, sitis et dolor nimius. Postea accipiat in potu aquam eorum que mitigant caliditatem, ut succus morelle, plantaginis, semperuiue, cassillaginis, mandragore, et similia. Postea maturatiua apponantur, ut semen lini cum butyro, malua, fenugrecum, cocta cum adipe anseris uel galline, albumine oui, melliloto. Book on the Conditions of Women  OnLesion[s]oftheW omb [] Sometimes swellings and lesions of a different color25 are generated in the womb. If the cause of the lesion is yellow bile coming out of the gall bladder, then she has fever and cancer. The woman feels heaviness in the hips, buttocks, and thighs, and in the lower legs accompanied by great pain. Sometimes lesions are gener- ated there from windiness or a blow or from other kinds of injuries, or because the menses never cease. If the lesion is inside in the orifice of the womb, pain is felt around the navel and the loins.

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A resident who will be completing training in six months and their spouse cheap penegra 50 mg free shipping man health tv x ref k big lama, who is also in the last year of residency cheap 50 mg penegra free shipping prostate cancer va disability compensation, The interest rate on unsecured loans offered to medical stu- don’t have any children yet and live in a condominium dents and residents can be as low as the prime lending rate if owned by the resident’s in-laws. Interest rates on secured lated $60,000 in debt (on a personal line of credit) during liabilities such as a car loans are usually higher, ranging from training and has $20,000 in student loans. Here, interest rates can vary from 16 to 24 per cent of the balance, depending on the Introduction client’s credit rating. Paying down a credit card balance by using In 2007, the average debt of Canadian medical residents at a personal line of credit can save 11 to 19 per cent of the the end of training was reported as $158,728 (Kondro 2007). Indeed, given rising tuition costs, debt during medical training has become a necessary evil for most residents. However, not Pros and cons of student loan consolidation all debt is the same, and proper debt management can lower All physicians can claim a federal tax credit (15 per cent in overall interest payments and help to speed up repayment. Interest paid are: for any other indebtedness, such as bank loans or lines of • Canada and provincial student loans, credit, are not eligible for this credit. However, residents who are carrying with federal and/or provincial student loan authorities. This a signifcant debt load and are faced with a limited cash fow debt tends to be relatively favourable in terms of after-tax rates may wonder about the relative merits of paying down their and repayment options. Several fnal decision may be a matter of personal preference and of Canadian provinces have therefore pioneered programs to risk tolerance. Learning how different fnancial management defer interest on the provincial portion of medical resident practises can best ft a residents personal level of comfort and loans. The interest rates on federal and provincial student loans may be as high as two or three percentage points above the prime Negotiating with fnancial institutions lending rate. However, the interest paid on these loans has been Residents can save precious time and avoid unnecessary frustra- claimable as a federal tax credit since 1998. Most provinces tion by working with a fnancer who is familiar with physicians’ provide such tax credits as well. In consolidating all debts to the bank, the resi- from terms that are more advantageous than those normally dents will forfeit both federal and provincial tax credits. A fnancial consultant can provide If the student loans stay outside of the loan consolida- their physician clients with some useful advice in preparation tion, the residents will realize an after-tax interest rate of for a meeting with a fnancial institution’s account manager. A credit rating is based mainly on an individual’s history of debt repayment, The fnancial planner gave three alternatives to the resi- his or her current fnancial position (assets and liabilities) and dents on their debt management process. Because banks often place more emphasis on current credit rating than on future income potential, it is Focus on savings: If they both purchase $13,000 of crucial to maintain an excellent credit rating. Because credit ratings are based on a seven-year cycle, any late interest payments or failures to pay bills will have a negative Focus on reducing debt: After four years of practice impact on an individual’s credit rating for some time. A fnancial consultant can provide advice on maintaining a good credit Combine strategies: By combining these strategies, rating. Understanding the pluses and minuses Good debt management involves evaluating all liabili- of consolidating loans, repaying debt, purchasing retire- ties with respect to type of debt, amount, interest and ment savings plans is important for all residents who conditions of repayment. Trainees should be approach their fnancial institutions to consolidate their proactive with their money by negotiating with fnancial loans into a line of credit or term loan. Through appropri- ratings, they can negotiate a line of credit at interest rates ate fnancial planning all residents can secure fnancial as low as the prime lending rate. Tax Tips for the Medical However, caution should be used when considering con- Student, Resident and Fellow. The bank offers the resident and spouse the prime rate of four per cent on a line of credit to consolidate their indebtedness—including their student loans, on which they have been paying prime plus three per cent. The bank’s offer seems to be attractive, but after a closer look, the actual after-tax savings would be approximately 1. Logan C, Director Disability Services, Homewood Employee Health: personal conversation Canadian Medical Association. In Creating a Healthy Culture in Medicine: a Report From the 2004 Quality Worklife—Quality Healthcare Collaborative. College of Family Physicians of Canada, Canadian Medical Association, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Rich P. Global Business pdf and Economic Roundtable for Mental health College of Family Physicians of Canada, Canadian Medical 1-E. Promoting healthy partnerships in medical Intelligence: Key Readings on the Mayer and Salovey Model. Leadership in academic psychiatry: the vi- sion, the “givens,” and the nature of leaders. Balancing family and career: addressing the description of deans’ and students’ perceptions. Is that your pager or Stressful incidents, stress and coping strategies in the pre- mine: a survey of women academic family physicians in dual registration house offcer year. Mindfulness and stress management Armstrong A, Alvero R, Dunlow S, Nace M, Baker V, Stewart Benson H. Inside/Outside: A Physician’s Journey With Reading our way to more culturally appropriate care. Health problems and the use of health services among physicians: a review article with particular emphasis on 4-C. Physical activity and public health: Updated Faugier J, Lancaster J, Pickles D, Dobson K. Barriers to recommendation for adults from the American College of Sports healthy eating in the nursing profession: Part 2. Gratefulness, the Heart of Prayer: An hours: Effect of a nutrition based intervention. Toward a normative defnition of medical training, workload, fatigue and physical stress: A prospective professionalism. Workplace bullying, psychological distress, and job satisfaction in junior doctors. Journal of Stebbing J, Mandalia S, Portsmouth S, Leonard P, Crane J, the American Medical Association. Job satisfaction and motivation among — public roles and professional obligations. Journal of the physicians in academic medical centers: insights from a cross- American Medical Association. In Creating a Healthy Culture in Medicine: School of International Service: The American University. Physician Health: The Essential Guide to Understanding the Health Care Needs of Physicians. Physicians with and illness or disability Canadian Association of Physicians with Disabilities.

Q. Farmon. Lehigh Univervsity.